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A beautiful city in the center of the world to visit

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When thinking about the center of the world, actually you did not think in the center of the world that is what it Is, the actual center of the world is in Ecuador, discovering the magnificent things that this country has to offer for us is something beyond words and more about experiencing it than any other thing, seeing the actual center of the world is not something that you will see everyday right?

Quito is one of the most beautiful cities to see the actual center of the world

Capital city of Ecuador, is the home to a hectic urban life, not in the bad sense of the word actually the fully opposite to it, vibrant and magnificent is more likely! The nightlife has everything to offer you where drinks and food are incredible to pass unnoticed. Quito is a fascinating old town declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Known for its religious temples baroque monasteries, monuments and beautiful colonial architectures are simply even a place to do absolutely nothing and simply observe everything silently learning too many things, its history is considered the largest historical center of the country, the least altered, and best preserved of America. So just imagine what would you feel walking to its corridors and alleys.

The wonders of this city do not stop or finish only in the richness of the city also its natural environments of unique beauty are another attraction, in a region that abounds with snowcapped volcanoes, taking yourself to an excursion to Cuicocha volcano with its three kilometers lake in diameter in one of its craters are one of the most incredible things that you will ever see in your whole life.

Or the Cotopaxi volcano, one of the highest volcanoes of the world, immersed in the mountain of Ecuador it is the second tallest Volcano, and one of the tallest of the world, this volcano is so beautiful, and breathtaking doe to a couple of things, one of the most important to name, is that is active! So to embark yourself in an excursion over there, is an unique activity beyond compare, a sighting so marvelous, beyond word to compare or explain, only to see and live, to then really understand what is the centre of the world. The only thing to regret about Quito is just not going.

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