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An experience in tourism has to be simply amazing

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An experience in tourism has to be simply amazing (Custom)

When we think of traveling there are a couple of things that we want to have in our scenario, we want to be in a place that obviously will leave us the taste of a great experience, if we move accordingly we want to enjoy some sun, some relaxing activities, learning something new, and be amazed by something that is marvelous, having the perfect food, and why not a couple of drinks right? The experience of traveling is a full criterion that we would like to see accordingly.

When we are looking for tourism destinations and we want to have this full criteria met, thinking about going to the city of Valparaiso in Chile is simply a mark in our calendars to rejoice and enjoy one time at least, after all a place called Valparaiso that if we try to break down this words; the word va means go, and paraiso means paradise, like meaning that if you go here you are going to go to paradise therefore it does not sound like a bad idea.

If all doubts have been cleared going off to heaven it is then, the city has everything that we were thinking about it has coast so you can definitely enjoy the sun, the sand and the activities of a beach town where just chilling by the sea can be a great activity, a city that is alive, you can find in it everything in it, colorful and filled with culture in every inch, in every step of every alley made out of cobblestone the options into this city are without borders to keep you entertained, or to teach you a couple of things.

It is a cultural bohemian capital of the country where all expectations can be easily met, the food, the views, the stories into it; the paradisiacal entourage is simply marvelous.

Visit any of its dazzling panoramical views to the sea which are all over the city itself, or feel free to go historical and ride the Funicular Artilleria elevator, a hundred years old, to a ride that you will never forget, or enjoy a hike to El Cerro concepción to admire the nature of the place at its best with the real touch of you making the way, and reach the summit to receive an un-forgetful sighting, that you are never going to let go in your imagination to cherish for the rest of your life.

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