» » Angel Falls – Venezuela the highest uninterrupted waterfalls in the world

Angel Falls – Venezuela the highest uninterrupted waterfalls in the world

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Hidden in the southern part of the Canaima National Park, this is one of those Mother Nature’s masterpieces; a relaxing yet vigorous landscape, a majestic spectacle full of life. The Angels Falls, located in Venezuela, unlike many other nature wonders, was discovered in the 20th century, and named after an American aviator called Jimmie Angel, who was the first person to fly over the falls. It is the highest uninterrupted waterfalls in the world, with a height of 979 meters (3,212 ft) and a plunge of 807 meters (2,648 ft). The natives, in the Pemon language, call it “Kerepakupai  Vená”, which means “waterfall of the deepest place”, or simply “Salto Ángel”, in Spanish.

The waterfall drops over the edge of a tableland in Bolivar state, and it is one of the most important and popular touristic attractions in its country, despite the fact that a trip to this destination is a bit of a complicated affair, being located located in a jungle. The fact that people actually go through all those troubles to go to such a place says a lot about how impressive and beautiful it really is; some people say it leaves a mark on your soul once you have seen it with your own eyes.

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There are other ways to appreciate the Angel Falls in its entire splendor though: you can enjoy the views from Ratón Island, but if you’re a fan of adventures, new emotions and adrenaline, this is the perfect place for you. Backpackers and hikers abound around. As it is isolated, in order to get there, you have to take a three-hour navigation upstream the Carrao and Churun River and a one-hour walk through the jungle, and then you’ll be at the base of the falls, but those river trips generally take place from June to December, when the rivers are deep enough for its use by Pemon Guides, since during dry season there’s less water.

Guided sightseeing tours, hiking, trekking and mountain climbing trough the valleys and gorges are also popular touristic options, so in this same park, not only will you get to see this amazing wonderwork, but the unique Venezuelan flora and fauna, which you can enjoy in the most active possible way, or have a nice panoramic view from an helicopter, or even take a boat. It is also a good option for photographers looking for something exotic, given the amount of out of the ordinary plants and the wild animals that can be found in this park, such as giant armadillos or jaguars.

Canaima village offer different accommodations, a wide variety of hotels and campsites, so everyone can come and enjoy whatever their budge is. If you ever have the chance to visit the Angel Falls, don’t miss it.

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