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Cali Is Magical Realism to enjoy

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Cali Is Magical Realism to enjoy (Custom)

In Cali must stop when thinking our next place to make tourism to explore its lively culture, manifested in its most great musical expression the salsa, Caribbean rhythm here, between sugar cane crops, it is felt and danced in a very particular way.

In this city of Colombia, called the Branch of heaven by the locals, the hills of Cristo Rey king’s Christ hills and the Three Crossings and the San Antonio hill, is a vastly contrast with all the plains that you get see in the rest of the department of Valle del Cauca.

Cali is a city of great spaces for tourism and recreation. Considered the third largest city in Colombia, where the beautiful women abound; all sites are of historical value to the locals and all the space for daytime and nightlife of the city make it a tourist Mecca for its non stopping motion to keep you going and going, always discovering something new, whether it is day time, or night time.

Cali is one of the major economic and industrial centers of the country and the main urban, economic, industrial and agricultural center of southwestern Colombia so its economical movement is vastly, and the main reason why has it evolved so fast into making everything for your enjoyment, after all, what do you after making money, enjoying it.

It is distinguished in Colombia as the capital of the “rumba” party, the street party and dance is beyond imagination. The rumba goes in accordance with all the traditions they show in their architecture. Where you cannot miss the San Sebastin Lookout, or the Santo Cristo; to get a full glimpse of the entire city.

 What to do In Cali

Learn to dance salsa it may seem difficult, because we are new to it. However, in Cali, there are plans in which tourists are taught some steps in various academies and schools therefore guarantying our salsa experience to the fullest, and these steps are actually necessary to understand their culture and their party which is day time, and night time.

Cali and Valle del Cauca are famous by their traditional flavor, a cuisine that fuses the Spaniard, Indian and African heritage, giving a unique flavor nowhere else to be found. In addition, its valleys originated variety of sweets that are going to be a bliss for your plate as well. There are no more word to say than, enjoy Cali.

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