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Catatumbo Lightning the eternal storm

Awake_vyse 23 de August del 2016 tourism
So, do you like thunders and lightning?

Well, this is the place for you. Maybe it isn’t a popular touristic spot (it’s not even a touristic spot), but if you’re into sightseeing and discovering new cultures, you might want to visit Zulia state, more specifically, Maracaibo city, home to the Catatumbo Lightning, an atmospheric phenomenon in Venezuela.


When you think of South America, maybe the imagine of a paradisiacal beach comes to your mind, all white sand and crystalline waters, or the imagine of an exotic jungle, but that’s not even half of what this beautiful continent has to offer: in this case, we will be talking about this spectacular event happening in the Catatumbo River, just where it empties into Maracaibo Lake, from 140 to 260 nights a year.

Despite not being demonstrated, it is said to be the world’s largest single tropospheric ozone generator, and it is absolutely beautiful: they are magnificent lights, exhibited gracefully on the horizon, above the water; a huge mass of storm clouds that will have you waiting for a small display of its violent beauty.

It was, in fact, included in the 2015 edition of Guinness World Records as the place with the world’s most lightning bolts per square kilometer each year at 250. Unfortunately, even though recent studies have shown that it is possible to forecast this gorgeous exposure of nature, since it is not a popular thing, they are no announcements of any kind about when these would be produced, so it’s a matter of waiting so you can get to see them.

However, while you wait, you might as well visit the city and try the traditional dishes out, like the famous Patacón or the tasty Mandocas, as you could also go all over Zulia’s state capital, wandering around and visiting all the other touristic spots, such as the Monument of Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquirá, a square and a 15 meters tall statue of the Chiquinquirá Virgin; the General Rafael Urnadeta Bridge, a cable-stayed bridge that spans 8,678 meters; different parks and museums, or even an old streetcar.

This is the perfect place for the curious ones, but you should beware of the heat, because it usually very hot in there! However, you are guaranteed to have fun if you ever visit Zulia, given the character of its people, so welcoming, funny and charming, and the many things it offers.



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