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Ecuador has plenty to offer for your vacations

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Ecuador has plenty to offer for your vacations (Custom)

There is a beautiful place in Ecuador called Baños in Agua Santa which is located in the province of Tungurahua only 180 km from Quito and 35 km from Ambato the perfect combination between pleasures and relax.

This resort town is located in a valley with plenty waterfalls and hot springs next to the Tungurahua volcano with a height of 5,016. Just to start talking about the natural wonders that this place has to offer for us, according to landscaping as it seems it is simply magnificent.

Baños has a population of 20,000 inhabitants without the tourist that are always coming in and out, is at a height of 1,826 meters and has average temperatures of 20°C during the day, but it is only simply understandable that during the night usually the temperatures tend to drop down a bit more, so making sure of carrying the right clothing is really important.

This region invites you to relax in its thermal pools where all is relaxation a total adventure for the whole family, the place also invites you to enjoy sports such as rafting, climbing, or trekking, mountain biking or bungee jumping (bungee jumping). Nature spots to enjoy yourself, is what is here to do in all its best, so do not think you are going to run out of options fast, because it is simply not going to happen

Going off to this place is about holydays, and they pretty much happen all over the year and some of them are very special to check out, as they can have a slightly different experience towards the city like the carnival in February, or in May when they celebrate the battle of Pichincha, celebrations tahat take higher connotations to the townsfolk, and Cantonización party in December so during all year there is an special party to see.

Tungurahua volcano has a height of 5016 meters and is located 25 km east of Ambato. On the slopes of Tungurahua where there are several villages dedicated to agriculture. The Tungurahua is an experience of never ending amusement, seeing this place could be moment where you you could ever be closest to the nature is one of the easiest to climb volcanoes in Ecuador  So, enjoy Ecuador and its landscapes; which is only just waiting to be explored planning your vacations whether be by yourself or with your family or friends this is the perfect place to go to.

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