» » Find the perfect balance in your family vacation in Loja Ecuador

Find the perfect balance in your family vacation in Loja Ecuador

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Find the perfect balance in your family vacation in Loja Ecuador (Custom)

Loja is one of the cities that people like to visit the most in Ecuador, among other reasons by the possibilities offered by family tourism. Sometimes when we plan our vacations is a family time to enjoy, with emotions and thrilling to everyone there to enjoy, and going to the perfect place with the right balance for everybody is important to achieve, so everyone can really enjoy themselves.

When thinking about the perfect place, with the perfect balance Loja In Ecuador is the perfect spot.

The province of Loja offers a unique combination of moor, cloud forest and jungle. In addition, all its natural wonders that exist in the surrounding areas of the city pretty much remain almost untouched by human hand, due to the distance of their location in the south of the country.

Waiting to be discovered by travelers the surroundings of the city offer excellent activities for the full family to enjoy. Those who come here are amazed blazed with its landscapes, its Indian markets, colonial architecture and the incomparable hospitality of its people.

With a lot of bonuses and plus things to consider and make it a insanely beautiful place to relax and enjoy, another thing to take into account are the big advantages that Loja offers you as a tourist due to is close reach to other touristic spots, the proximity to places such as Vilcabamba, or the Podocarpus National Park.

Loja is located at an altitude of 2 100 meters above sea level in the valley of Cuxibamba, it is simply one of the most perfect places in the world due to its weather, with a climate of eternal spring throughout the year, although the best time is from October to January. Temperatures range from the 16°C or 60°F and 21°C or 70°F.  The perfect climate spring throughout the entire year with an average daily temperature of 17º C or 63º F.

The months from February to May are where the weather has more rain and humidity but still, is guaranteed to be a beautiful day in Loja due to its Rainbows afterwards, trust us; having a rainbow in the evenings makes up for everything.

We recommend leaving some layers of clothing taking into account that the equatorial sun heats up quite often during the day, but in the afternoon the temperatures drop to the point of offering very cold nights. Aside that all you can do is enjoy.


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