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Guayaquill a destination to enjoy

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Guayaquill a destination to enjoy (Custom)

A pretty much ancient city en the country of Ecuador which was founded in the 1530s, the largest city in Ecuador and the main port is the first access point for cruises to the Galapagos islands and home to a busy trade import and export Guayaquill is a destination for a lot of businesses the ever grow in the city is simply perfect to visit for a couple of days.

Not only business is growing in this city, but, also tourism is growing, thanks mainly to the new international airport and urban renewal projects that have been implemented on the rides that run on the banks of the Guayas River and the historic district of Las Peñas. The 465 steps you have to climb up the mountain of Santa Ana will allow you to get magnificent views and the opportunity to step on the place where the city was born.

Even stated as we say first a city that is a port, it is the perfect place then to move around in all the directions that you could want to see in the country, but to spend a couple of days in this city is something that you will never forget, remember this is a business city where you can get pampered like a SEO, just being a regular tourist in the mountains.

The city is really amusing itself where a lot of festivals take place in its public squares all the lively into its culture is shown every day

 Although the city itself is not considered as a touristic city, due to the people who visit it mainly do it as a bridge to then visit the Galapagos Island the city during the time that you stay in it will make you feel more than comfortable and can take you as well to a couple magnificent places all to enjoy the nature in all its greatness and by your own like the historical park of Guayaquill or the Malecon

All to enjoy in Guayaquill is done for you to stay and enjoy the views of everything by making it on your own, hiking is great to take as many pictures as you can on in the malecón to enjoy the water the sun and the activities on the water like swimming of surfing to some, and underwater activities as well to enjoy something different think of Guayaquill.

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