» » If you ever hear the word Salinas and do not think about fun let us rearrange that

If you ever hear the word Salinas and do not think about fun let us rearrange that

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If you ever hear the word Salinas and do not think about fun let us rearrange that (Custom)

When planning out your next vacations, and the idea that comes to your head is just procrastinating and enjoying something beautiful and being pampered like; a Greek God, Salinas is one of the beaches referents of the Ecuadorian coast.

There is not a single holiday in which Salinas in the country of Ecuador does not receive the arrival of thousands of tourists from all parts of the world, this is a seaside resort with a somewhat smaller beach extension if compared to other destinations in the country as well, but quality does not necessarily means quantity, yes? –is big enough to welcome several thousand tourists eager for sun sand and sea, every year.

The view to the visitors in Salinas; Santa Elena Ecuador. Is the one of a quiet beach where all you can do is enjoy a relaxing holiday with marvelous sunshine, having a trip to this place of the world is one of the most beautiful beaches of Ecuador and actually not the priciest place on earth to have a really good time, where partying or just relaxing is at every corner, and every turn.

What activities can I do or visit tourist sites in Salinas, Ecuador

First of it all we need to understand that this is all the so-called leisure tourism where the excellent choice is relaxation and the activities are al up to you where entertaining yourself up is at any turn in the same place where activities of water sports are going to be the main courseEnjoying everything from the local cuisine to horseback riding along the sea shore the place is the Malecon in salinas yes, you heard correctly; horseback riding on the beach.

If you feel like getting a bit away from the main road visit the route named as Chocolatera, cycling and hiking are the thing here but at the arrival as well water and sun, as beach sports like volleyball or sand football are going to be the thing to mainly enjoy and if you want to get out of the regular eyes, go underwater! Be guided by experts into diving practice do kayaking or catamaran.

There is nothing better than closing the day enjoying the varied Ecuadorian gastronomy on the Costa the best dishes are seafood, lobster, shrimp and fish along with specialties in green banana is one of the best options you can enjoy dishes like ceviche are favorites of foreigners and locals in this beautiful Pacific beach Ecuador

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