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Iguassu Falls seven natural wonders

Awake_vyse 29 de August del 2016 tourism
Iguassu Falls is one of the one of the most astonishing natural wonders in the world and it consists of an ensemble of 275 falls located on Iguazu River, that reach a height of about 270 ft., forming a natural border between Argentina and Brazil, countries with very different cultures, but which come together to share and protect this, one of the precious gifts of nature. On the Argentinian side, it is situated in the Iguazu National Park, in the province of Misiones, while in Brazil, is in the Iguacu National Park, in the Parana province.

iguassu falls wonder of the world

They are internationally known as Iguassu Falls, but natives refer to them as Iguazu Falls (in Argentina), or Iguaca Falls (in Brazil). However, no matter on what side of the border you are, you will agree with the statement: its breathtakingly beauty is irrefutable and undeniable for all those who have the joy to see them. Any written depiction of its grace could not be compared to that overwhelming feeling you get when you stand in front of the Devil’s Throat, the U-shaped start of the falls, which might move you to tears, being the most impressive spectacle in the whole park.

During the night, you can stay at one of the many hotels and hostels of the wide variety both countries offer, ranging between different prices so that visitors may choose freely in dependence of their budgets and need, or you could simply camp there in the parks!

During the day, you could do completely different things, depending on which side of the border you are: the major part of the Iguassu Falls, about a 80%, are in Argentinian territory, then, most of the tours take place there. You will arrive to Yvirá Retá (Country of Trees, in the guaraní native language) Centre, a reception are for visitors; there, you will find an striking gallery that displays the wide and gorgeous variety of flora and fauna found in the park, or you might as well enjoy a delicious meal of local dishes. From there, you could take a walk and contemplate the actual flora while you get to the Rainforest Train main station, where you will the able to get on a completely ecological train, from which you will see the rest of the park in its most natural state, the upper and the lower falls.

But even if Argentina offers that kind of tours around the falls and it surroundings, its views are not as magnificent as the ones in Brazil, despite only possessing 20% of the falls; despite of that, the experiences in both parks are completely different but equally enjoyable.

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