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Montañita is the perfect touristic hideaway

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Montañita is the perfect touristic hideaway (Custom)

In the shores of Ecuador there is the town of Manglarifo a place of which if you like adventure you have to have heard of, and if you have not heard about it, well… here is a tip, it is incredible!

Once a little fisherman town, but after the 1960s, this place became a meeting point for, usually for people over the world, linked to the Surf world and other alternative movements, of the era. It is a place just for fun! If it is what you are looking for the place is this! –rest! Enjoy the sun and the many activities the place has to offer for you,

It is a place mainly for young people who want to be in contact with the nature and the wildlife and contact with nature in the activities and sports that it has to offer you. At that time back in the 60s was simply a moment where tourism expanded and the people understood that their little fishing village was going to be a tourism centre.

Later it developed obviously into a more alternative ambient due to alternative sports that take place in the location such as paragliding, body boarding and canopy to promote adventure tourism in the country.

Which; is the main course if you want to visit Montañita. The constructions in Montañita continue to maintain itself greatly as a rustic style of the coast, a lot of constructions in wood, cane and straw, as the huts of fishermen, giving the palce this feeling of being totally in an oceanic paradise, although at present inns and houses of community for accommodation, enjoy obviously all the and comfort for tourists, with the traditional façade.

Restaurants and bars are fully operational with whatever fills your dream in your vacation with all the traditional taste of the food of the coast of Ecuador, hotels promote themselves online in other countries for adventure tourism which if you want to check out all you have to do is go online and check them out where two of the places that you should not miss at all are the beaches like the Montañita beach or the Santuario Blanca Estrella del Mar de Olón

The views and the activities to on the water or under water in these places is simply a massive adrenaline rush beyond compare, if you want to party, enjoy the sun and the water and all activities this place is definitely for you.

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