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Natural lovers have to know Mindo

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Natural lovers have to know Mindo (Custom)

If you are a natural lover, who loves to stare into the mother’s nature creation then, the place to rejoyce yourself, feeding your eyes with one of the most majestic sighting to see is Mindo in Ecuador.

Mindo is world famous for bird watching, an unforgettable tourist destination for many foreign and domestic tourists, which also offers plenty of activities such as go tubing on the river, riding through beautiful landscapes, walks in forests to reattach the energy of mother earth to your soul or flying through the trees suspended from a zip line or canopy as they are known in Mindo.

For the less energetic moments, wildlife Mindo is a constant spectacle just to sit down where ever you want and enjoy the dancing of hummingbirds, take simple walks to admire the different varieties of orchids, or enjoy a concert of frogs and evening walks just to enjoy the magical sounds of a night of Mindo. Beware of flocks of parrots flying at sunset.

 When is the best time to visit Mindo

The best time to visit Mindo is probably between May and December, when the weather is drier, and all the expectacles of life are beyond explanatory words, but no matter when you are in Ecuador , Mindo is a must the nature is so alive, and the attractions to your eyes are never ending those who love the nature will find the longed for peace in this place, and those who were not seeking about it found it still without doing more than just relaxing here..

The weather is warm all year. And even though it rains more in January to April, slightly less than February and March, but is still wet and muddy something that you probably want to avoid when walking through its roads and trails. Not because there is something wrong with it, but more of a case of simply for better enjoyment. Each time you visit Mindo you can see hummingbirds.

No matter the time of the year they will be humming around in all the flowers while you avoid the mud in the wet season, it has its enchantment too, when the rain is up, the rivers are high and you can go tubing! Performing this in rivers may perhaps not be possible when water levels are very low in the end of the dry season but when is right in between it is just perfect.

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