» » Otavalo is the most famous indigenous city of the world

Otavalo is the most famous indigenous city of the world

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Otavalo is the most famous indigenous city of the world (Custom)

Do you want to know it?

If there is something that is impressive to understand right away, sometimes; tourism experiences are about the people, sometimes is about the place, in this case is a little bit of both starting from the first point, then moving along to the second point, with an impressive combination of both to generate an unique experience of a lifetime this said it is easily understandable that

The real beauty of Otavalo resides in its people

Otavaleños Indians. Craft Market makes this city famous is without doubt one of the most spectacular in South America. Two fundamental things have made this place to become so attractive to this market:

Number one the exceptional offer and its cultural relevance. What makes it fascinating is the way in which the visitor can experience the Ecuadorian culture and traditions of the Sierra in a market where current generations interact in the same way they did in the historical period in which it was created amazing right?

The best day to visit this corner of the Andes is Saturday. This day the market expands through the streets of the city from its original site of the Plaza de los Ponchos. You can also visit the animal market. Follow our advice: arrive on Friday afternoon, Relate with the city, go to bed early and set your alarm for 5:30 AM. Shake the laziness sleep and walk or take a taxi to the animal Market

You will see yourself in the most perfect National Geografic panoramic sighting that you could ever possibly imagine, and not imagining it, you are going to be living it. This is something that you do not simply see every day nor live in every corner of your everyday life, but if you feel like also checking out the nature into the city…

The lagoon of San Pablo is the most magnificent thing to see aside the market, located at the foot of the majestic Imbabura volcano, offers several paths that lead us to natural viewpoints to enjoy ourselves, in all the surroundings from the volcano to the lagoon. Around the lagoon we find little towns and its communities to enjoy as well. One of the communities is Araque, where we find the Aquatic Park, a place where boat tours and a variety of typical local dishes and restaurants are found for our amusement..


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