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Relax chilling and some history for your travel experience

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Relax chilling and some history for your travel experience (Custom)

Cuenca in recent years has become one of the favorite destinations for foreign retired people who wants to travel and end up settled a lot in this city due to its beauties to offer. It is Safe, low cost of living and pleasant despite its relatively cold climate, this small Andean city currently attracts large numbers of immigrants due to its calmness, that make you feel like you are in a little village of a children’s story.

The people of Cuenca are called Cuencanos they are famous for being very traditional, but also for its cultural tradition, a city which has produced more writers, poets, artists and philosophers of remarkable size than any other city else in the country of Ecuador. The culture and its history very remarked in museums over the city. Those seeking cultural options in Cuenca can choose during the day between museums, churches and colonial squares which are mandatory stops.

At night there are many bars and restaurants filled with plethoric, excellent national and international culinary options at very low prices. Cuenca’s nightlife moves in a wide pitch ranging from bohemian to exclusive, but the music tends to lower its early volume, in accordance with the conservative traditions of the city.

Cuenca is the capital of the province of Azuay; and the economic center of the southern Sierra. These distinctions, along with the incredible level preservation of their historical and cultural heritage have led Cuenca to be named by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site.

You could say that Cuenca is the most charming among all cities in Ecuador

With its cobbled streets, ancient cathedrals, colonial parks and rivers that cross it is a wonderful city to walk on.

Although most of the sightings in Cuenca are related to structures like churches, parks and museums, many of those who love outdoor activities visiting this city, are because the Cajas National Park, where all the people who love outdoor activites spends time due for a good hiking experience or mountain biking. 

The experience of what you want to do in your traveling experience, is entirely up to you, and deciding to go for a chill environment sometimes is the perfect thing to do to get away from the regular stress of daily modern life, Cuenca Is the perfect place to get a different air and relax yourself for a good vacation time.

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