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Spring vacations in Mar de Plata

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Located in the province of Buenos Aires, in Argentina, the city of Mar de Plata (Silver Sea) is the second largest coastal touristic spot in the country, but also the most important. It is visited by thousands of tourist and curious people, and even natives, every year; it draws people’s attention so easily thanks to it charming combination of natural beauty and man-made attractive: an astonishing infrastructure right by the seaside, with vast sandy beaches and sand hills, all there in a warm , humid, subtropical weather.

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The number one touristic attractions are the beaches, which are unfortunately crowded most of the time, but there are plenty of other interesting things to do: trekking, cycling, riding, or even more extreme adventures like paragliding and parachuting jumps, if you’re into that rush of adrenaline. There’s also surfing, jet skiing and windsurfing, but people who doesn’t like that kind of things might want to try something else, like scuba diving and boat sailing, or simply taking a walk around the city, go window shopping (perhaps even actually shopping), or have a cup of the most delicious coffee at a café.

If you ever visit Mar de Plata, you can’t leave without having had the typical food, which consists basically in many types of terrific seafood with a wide diversity of indescribable flavors; you can try this in which every restaurant you pick, since there are many in the city.

However, you can also go nightclubbing and have a great time at this Argentinian small piece of heaven.

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