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The awesome beauty of Los Roques Archipelago National Park

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A colossal palette of different, bright blue tones in the crystalline waters and powdery, white sand welcome you as soon as you arrive at Los Roques Archipelago National Park. Located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, this is the perfect and one of the most exotic destinations for that sought-after getaway: just the place you were looking for to relax and have a nice time.

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Los Roques Archipelago National Park was created in 1972 to protect the uniqueness, beauty and ecologic value of the marine ecosystem found in the place, and it is located in Los Roches, a federal dependency of Venezuela, that consists of about 350 islands, cays, and islets, at 128 km (80 miles) north of La Guaira, in Caracas, the capital city, covering 221,120 hectares. It possesses a great diversity of seabirds and rich aquatic life, among which most importantly there’s a coral reef; gorgeous underwater fauna and flora that makes this park an attraction to people all over the world. This makes the park an ideal place for scuba diving, sailing and fishing. You can also try snorkeling, paddling, windsurfing, kitesurfing and birding in this delightful archipelago.

But its main attraction, what really makes this place one of the most outstanding touristic spots in the country, it’s its beaches. There are tons of idyllic beaches, with astonishing views of pure white and glittering blue, then vivid green, that will burn an imagine into your minds, all gathered in an atmosphere of a calming small piece of heaven that only Los Roques Archipelago can offer. Then there are the cays: they join together the breathtaking beauty of the landscapes and the privacy of an almost tenantless zone. Its weather just completes this Caribbean paradise, being always warm and dry.

los roques archipielago national park

You can reach Los Roques Archipelago National Park either by a yacht or a plane, but the arrival from air is much more impressive thanks to the views. So, taking a plain is highly recommendable for those who fancy for panoramic views, although sightseeing around would enjoyable for anyone. The airport is located in the biggest island, Gran Roque, by the sea, a few meters from the beach; same as most of the accommodations, located also in the island.

As this is a park that prides itself with its conservationism, it has certain rules with respect to building constructions; therefore, you won’t find luxury hotels but inns, ranging from the simplest ones to the more sophisticated ones. However, you can visit the cays taking a boat trip in a yacht or a sailboat.

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