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The caribbean has everything to offer you in Santa Marta Colombia

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The caribbean has everything to offer you in Santa Marta Colombia (Custom)

A place that combines two impossible landscapes Caribbean Sea and Snow these are some of the little things that make Santa Marta, Colombia a difficult destination to forget.

The city is located on the shores of Santa Marta on the Caribbean Sea, right down at the Sierra Nevada Mountain, the most impressive mountain in all Colombia and one of their most love ones as well. Right In the Colombian department of Magdalena, it is one of the oldest cities in South America.

Santa Marta, Colombia being one of the oldest cities in South America is full of magic to try and describe its unique architectural heritage, Santa Marta in Colombia is beautiful scenery, rich in cultural heritage, as well as a natural paradise an ideal place to enjoy, learn and remember.

Here you can have it all, the Sierra Nevada, with a full network of unique ecosystems on the planet, an enigmatic remain of the Tayrona culture is in the place; the beaches of Tayrona National Park, are framed by a virgin and exuberant nature, recognized among the most beautiful in the world.

Spaces populated by an infinite variety of birds and herds of howler monkeys that inform other inhabitants of the jungle their presence as it could go unnoticed; The Bastidas Pier, is where you can enjoy a romantic sunset.

Here visitors always find what to do: diving, adventure sports and visit all the beaches where the rainforest meets the sea is simply a must see; Also, bird watching, but if you want to be guided a trip to historic city to know the heart of the Tayrona culture is an unforgettable thing to do.

Santa Marta is a really old city, and this is represented in the architecture of the town and in the streets of the historic center, where The Bastidas Pier is. Beaches, mangroves, coral reefs and jungle landscape are part of the Tayrona National Park, which is one of the biggest attractions that Santa Marta has to offer for you.

This is a natural reserve with crystal clear water, white sands and surreal sunrises is considered one of the most beautiful bays that you can see, sets itself as a quiet and ideal place, full of natural charm, where the sound of the sea and fresh air of the mountains is what you are going to have as your music and energy to fulfill your soul.


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