» » The perfect combination that is what is Cartagena in Colombia

The perfect combination that is what is Cartagena in Colombia

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The perfect combination that is what is Cartagena in Colombia (Custom)

Talking about the perfect combination to make tourism is talking about Cartagena, Colombia which adds to the charm of its colonial, republican and modern architecture, to create the perfect environment the attractions of a vibrant nightlife, filled cultural festivals, a magnificent lush scenery, plus magnificent beaches, with excellent cuisine that is simply to die for and a mega plus for tourist important tourist infrastructure.

history is there to see in every glance we take in all of its walls and balconies, in all of its constructions and its narrow stone paths.

Magically between its walls lay the sea breeze and the sunsets that transform the colors of the facades of houses over 400 years old whom have bewitch visitors in Cartagena de Indias for more than forty decades.

This city, a World Heritage Site, due to the great preservation the city has of all the colonial times Framed by a beautiful bay, Cartagena de Indias is one of the most beautiful and preserved city of of Colombia. Cartagena de Indias; is one of the most popular destinations in the world booming tourism in Latin America.

What is there to do in Cartagena To understand that the city is inside of a bay is recognizing; the sun, the sand, and the water activities right away, but more important than that is the historic center enclosing walls of Cartagena which is the soul of this city all the buildings of the area are the thing to look for  There you can be surprised with tours to ancient churches, to then be swimming and floating in a mud volcano.

This is a nice turn if you do not feel just like staying at the beach, looking at the sun the regular way that everybody else does when traveling to a sunny place, the richness in the culture and the land is out there in the open to marvel ourselves.

Gastronomy is also a party in the city to enjoy with all our might, if you love food you love medillin and are in for a treat and probably gaining a couple of pounds too. The locals have created all the alternatives they could for travelers who are looking to experience every day in their palates new and exotic flavors of the local and international cuisine every corner in Cartagena for you to enjoy.


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