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Traveling to the past does not need a time machine to do so

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Traveling to the past does not need a time machine to do so (Custom)

Sometimes when we are planning out our best vacations we try to go with too many technology and star planning to visit these sites who offer the latest for us in technology when all we are going to be doing, is vacationing. –Yes, this is a perfect valid choice, but sometimes is way better just to let go with the flow of seeing something more naturalistic, that delivers us a glimpse of things in the past.

This is the case of visiting a colonial site. When we visit colonial sites, we can travel off not only to a different place, but to a different time in history and still catch all the marvels of the modern world because saying that a place has old buildings does not implies that the cities do not have all the commodities of the modern world that is the case of the Beautiful city of Salta.

The city of Salta is located up in the north of Argentina this country has just too many options to check out because of its many natural wonders, and structural wonders as well too. If we are going more with the second one we will rapidly notice that Argentine has too many architectural sentiment, with many European Influences from the seventeenth century where the colonial Spain and Italy of the moment left a signature mark all over the land.

The city of Salta will take us to the seventeenth century with all the vibrant life of our own twenty first century, the city delivers as many activities in all the aspects that you can think about when you travel to a place like this there are sites that you are not allowed to miss such is the case of The san Francisco church whether you are a faithful person or not, this is a place of appreciation more than anything else, the structure will take to one of the most impressive structures of the old world of the Colonial Spain

There are people who take the trip to this city just to check out that church so you can only imagine who beautiful it is.

The thing with this city is that is not only about a church it has endless option towards all kinds of tourism in its land. And if you want to see them all; to then decide what you want to do there is nothing more impressive than taking El tren a las nubes (the train to the clouds) with a magnificent view at 4.220 meters above the sea level and 270 km of road is one of the most exquisite rides that you can imagine.

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