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Your next tourism experience has to be unique

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Your next tourism experience has to be unique (Custom)

There is nothing more enhancing to your soul that witnessing something marvelous, because those things are the ones that you are going to take to yourself to the rest of your life, for the how memorable they are, they represent something unique, an uniqueness can only be achieved by marks in time, The Easter Island is the perfect demonstration of what is uniqueness

This Island is located in the southeastern side of the pacific, and belongs to the country of Chile, while the country itself has already beautiful things to enjoy inside the mainland, one of the most amazing things that this country has are its islands in which by far The Easter Island takes the top not only in the country, but in the world, how come you might ask? –Well, the Island is wolrd wide known by Its Moai

The Island has 881 statues which are so enigmatic that to the day of today have no explanations what so ever, but their impendent magnificence is undeniable, visiting one of the most enigmatic places of the world is an experience to remember for the rest of our lives, whether you are an archeologist fan, or a history fan, or just fan of good times this place is simply out of this world.

Also remember that we are talking about an Island so this place its paradisiacal in its sea life if you are thinking about scuba diving this island is one of the most amazing places on the world to do the sighting of so many species and the clear waters make it unthinkable not to imagine ourselves amusing ourselves with this, or just to enjoy the ocean at its best, there is no place like this in the world.

The Rapa Nui people were the inhabitants of this place and they left several things to watch over in the island there are cities inside the island beyond comparison with other historical places on the earth to visit like Tahai, and Rano Kui; Tahai is an ancient city of marvel beyond compare where you can listen and see the way the Rapa Nui people used to live and check out their legends like the bird people!

Rano Kui is the site of an ancient Volcano where you are about to be dazzled with the ruins of what was a volcano a new one of the most magnificent crater lakes that you will see in all your life

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